Monday, February 19, 2024

Reading the Sinaiticus: βαπτίσματος and μάρτυρα

Here's the snippet of the Codex Sinaiticus we looked at the other day, with the two words βαπτίσματος and μάρτυρα indicated:

Βαπτίσματος runs from the end of the second line through to about half way on the third line.  It has two lunate sigmas.  Remember, there are no spaces between words, or anything (like a hyphen) indicating that a word is continuing over to the next line.

Note the letter that looks like a 'W', two letters to the left of μάρτυρα. This is omega.  The Sinaiticus does not use the modern omega (Ω).

The two rhos in μάρτυρα may be difficult to recognize; they look like a long vertical slash with a very small blip (I don't know the technical term!) at the top right, as below.  The very top stroke of the 'blip' is often very faint:

In the next few posts we will finish the first chapter of Acts.

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