Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Multiple choice quiz on the koine of Acts, chapter 1


We’ve finished the first chapter of Acts.  Below is a short multiple-choice quiz, covering vocabulary and parsings, from the verses of this first chapter.


1.  From verse 1:  How is ποιησάμην parsed?

a.  3-S, aorist middle indicative

b. 1-S, aorist active indicative

c.  3-S, present middle/passive indicative

d.  1-S, aorist middle indicative

Answer d

2. From verse 3: What is ζῶντα?

a.  a masculine participle

b.  an infinitive

c.  a feminine noun

d.  an indicative verb

Answer a

3. From verse 6: which choice is the closest English translation for βασιλείαν?

a.  promise

b.  kingdom

c.  king

d.  authority

Answer b

4. From verse 11: What is the correct parsing for ἐλεύσεται?

a.  3-S, future middle indicative

b.  3-P, future middle indicative

c.  3-S, future active indicative

d.  3-S, present middle/passive subjunctive

Answer a

5. What is the lexical form for ἐλεύσεται?





Answer d

6. From verse 13: Parse ἀνέβησαν.

a.  3-S, present active indicative

b.  3-S, aorist active indicative

c.  3-P, aorist active indicative

d.  3-P, present active subjunctive

Answer c

7. Which choice is the closest English translation for ἀνέβησαν?

a.  they went up

b.  he/she went up

c.  they entered

d.  they gathered

Answer a

8. From verse 21: Identify εἰσῆλθεν and ἐξήλθεν.

a.  They are both middle aorists.

b.  They are both 3-S, present subjunctives.

c.  They are both 3-P, aorist active subjunctives

d.  They are both 3-S, aorist active indicatives

Answer d

9. From Acts 1:22: Which choice is the closest idiomatic English translation for μάρτυρα?

a.  martyr

b.  disciple

c.  witness

d.  person of authority

Answer c

10. From Acts 1:24: What case is Κὐριε?

a.  nominative

b.  genitive

c.  dative

d.  accusative

e.  vocative

Answer e

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