Sunday, September 03, 2023

Typing in Greek, step 2: keyboard layout

Once you have enabled polytonic Greek on your system you should be able to switch back and forth from English to Greek.  If your computer is like mine, you will see 'ENG' (English) over on the right side of your taskbar, next to the icons for internet access, battery life, etc.

To switch:  Either click and pull down from 'ENG' to 'ΕΛ', or use the Windows + Space bar combination to toggle back and forth.

Many Greek letters correspond easily to English:  'α' is 'a', for example.  But some do not.  Here is the usual keyboard layout:

Note one troublesome spot:  U / u is not Υ / υ (upsilon).  U is θ (theta).  Y / y is Υ / υ (upsilon).

I have included the semi-colon for 'Q'.  The semi-colon is used instead of '?' when typing a question in Greek.

Next time, step 3:  The key combinations for breathings, accents, and so on.

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