Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Reading ancient manuscripts: Acts 1:22 in the Codex Sinaiticus

There are some parts of the Sinaiticus which are in better shape than others; the ink has worn or faded more in some places than others.

The folio (page) containing Acts 1:22 is not too bad.  Here is a screenshot of Acts 1:22 from the Codex Sinaiticus site.  I have changed the brightness and contrast slightly to make it a bit more readable:

The first word of Acts 1:22 is ἀρξάμενος, which you can see starting about two-thirds of the way through the top line.  The last three letters of ἀρξάμενος carry over to the second line - NOC.  The 'C' is a lunate sigma.

Try to find these words: 

(1)  βαπτίσματος 

(2)  μάρτυρα

Remember that all-caps manuscripts typically do not include accent marks.  I'll repost the snippet with the locations tomorrow.

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