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Acts 2:1 in the Codex Sinaiticus: what happened to ΠΑΝΤΕΣ?

 Here's a wider snippet of what we saw before:

The tilde at the end of the fifth line seems to indicate a missing word.  

Apparently people made mistakes in those days, as well.  

On the left, you see the word ΠΑΝΤΕC (παντες) in smaller printing, under another tilde.  So ΠΑΝΤΕC goes in front of the 'Ο', with the whole reading:

 . . . ἦσαν πάντες ὁμοῦ ἐπὶ τὸ αὐτό

I was originally confused by the note on the right, which is physically closer to the tilde by the 'Ο', but closer inspection showed that these missing words (ΚΑ(Ι) ΕΛΑΜΙΤΑΙ) go with verse 9, in the column to its right, which is not seen here.

One of the things which I am not certain of is whether notes like 'ΠΑΝΤΕC' are written in the original hand.  It doesn't look like it to me; the letters are smaller and less careful, even there seems to be enough room, and the color of the ink is different to my eyes.  A later copyeditor?  Here is an expanded view of this region:


Now, as to the 'ΚΑ' in the beginning of the first line (the end of verse 1:26):  on first glance I assumed it was for 'ΚΑΙ', as a common abbreviation for that short, common word.  But no, it is the last two letters of the preceding word, ἔνδεκα ('eleven'):

μετα των ενδε
κα αποστολων

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