Friday, March 15, 2024

Answers to quiz on Acts 1

1  From verse 1:  Ἐποιησάμην is a 1-S, aorist middle indicative  (d)

2  Verse 3: Ζῶντα is a masculine participle  (a)

3  Verse 6:  Βασιλείαν is most closely translated as 'kingdom'  (b)

4  Verse 11:  Ἐλεύσεται is 3-S, future middle indicative  (a)

5  The lexical form for ἐλεύσεται is ἔρχομαι  (d)

6  Verse 13:  Ἀνέβησαν  is 3-P, aorist active indicative  (c)

7  The closest translation for ἄνέβησαν is 'they went up'  (a)

8  Verse 21:  Εἰσῆλθεν and ἐξῆλθεν are both 3-S, aorist active indicative  (d)

9  Verse 22:  The closest English translation for μάρτυρα is 'witness'

10. Verse 24:  Κύριε is in the vocative case  (e)

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